For the past few weeks FuelReducer has been experimenting with salt water as a source of hydrogen fuel. FuelReducer has shown through YouTube videos how simple it is to split water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen gas. As sea water cannot be used as a source of drinking water why not use it as the most abundant source for hydrogen fuel. There are no environmental side effects and by using sea water as a source of hydrogen fuel then all the oil producing nations will have more fuel to sell to the World for decades longer. We already know that oil is not limitless. We all know a number of nations depend on selling their oil to their neighbors and allies for revenue so using other sources of fuel will allow those oil producing countries to continue to profit from oil sales much longer than now predicted. As global warming is apparently to blame for the rising of the sea levels then using sea water as a source of hydrogen fuel also addresses and provides a solution to slow and or stop the rise in sea levels that threaten to flood and damage our coastal properties.

You too can be a part of the future where salt water is used as a viable source of hydrogen fuel. You can invest in FuelReducer so that their technology can be put on the market much sooner than later. FuelReducer is not a threat to oil producing nations. FuelReducer will help those nations self-sustain themselves for decades or centuries longer than is now possible with today’s very high demand for their black gold.