FuelReducer has come up with a new FuelReducer for diesel engines. This design addresses 2 issues - increased fuel efficiency and thinning the diesel without additives. This new design will reduce the flow of fuel and at the same thin the fuel so that the diesel engine will operate smoothly. When cold weather sets in diesel engines are hard to start. When you do start it you have to wait for it to warm up to be able to drive. That waiting time is the time when diesel engines emit the most pollution into the air. It is our goal to virtually eliminate cold starts and drastically reduce the pollution created as a result of warming up a cold diesel engine.

FuelReducer hasn’t built the prototype yet. It is only in the design stage. In order to begin production we need funding. The FuelReducer took 1 year of testing and thousands of dollars in funding before the 1st FuelReducer was sold. With the new design the basic functions are the same only the addition of thinning the fuel will take a little time and money to fine tune the product.