FuelReducer is looking for investors to build a Canadian edition of a gas electric hybrid vehicle. The Kincaid Jr will be a 2 seater roadster that can essentially travel 2 to 3 hours on 1 gallon of fuel. There will be no limit in the distance you can travel with the Kincaid Jr. When you run out of gas just pull into any gas station and refill. The Kincaid Jr is designed to drive on both city streets and highways. You can travel anywhere you would normally drive to. No plugging into a electrical outlet for overnight recharging. No battery banks needed to power the vehicle for distances. There will be just one car battery in the Kincaid Jr. Want power? No problem as the Kincaid Jr will rival most gas electric hybrids.

The Kincaid Jr is needed to help reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Most cars and trucks on the road today have only 1 person in the vehicle at one time - the driver. Occasionally a passenger can be seen accompanying the driver. The Kincaid Jr will be environmentally friendly. The Kincaid Jr will incorporate the latest FuelReducer technology for fuel reduction so that virtually all fuel is burned completely in the engine resulting in little or no carbon emissions. In 1932 it was proven that a combustion engine could go 200 miles on one gallon of fuel. It was possible then and it is possible today.

The Kincaid Jr will be built in Ontario Canada. It will be Canada’s environmentally friendly sports car. To make the Kincaid Jr a reality we need investors. If you can’t invest you can still help by making a donation. Donations don’t have to be cash as we could also use metal working machinery or tools that you are no longer need. Email us as to what you have to offer in way of machinery and tools. You can also contribute by donating warehouse space where the Kincaid Jr prototype can be built. Contact FuelReducer today.