A new ordering system is in the works. Visitors to this website have used the customer service form to ask that I bring back some type of online ordering. The old system relied on email which was constantly being compromised with denial of service attacks so the new system will work on the bases of a placing your order using an online form and your order being stored on our server in a database file. You will still need to provide your email address so that we can email you a request for payment invoice. You will need Java installed and enabled on your web browser. No FuelReducer will be shipped until paid in full. You must agree to our terms of sales policies before any FuelReducer is sold to you. Our policies are as follows:

FuelReducer Warranty: FuelReducer warrants all FuelReducer products for a 90 Day replacement basis only, unless otherwise specified in writing. Date of purchase shown on your invoice of the ORIGINAL PART is the start of the 90 day warranty. Any part replaced under this warranty will be covered for the balance of the original warranty period.

Installation Policy: All installations are to be done by a licensed engine mechanic only. Installation requires cutting the metal fuel line of the customer’s vehicle and the customer agrees to allow the licensed mechanic to cut the metal fuel line to fit the FuelReducer. At not time will the installer be required to replace the cut fuel line with a new or otherwise used complete fuel line if for whatever reason the customer chooses to remove the FuelReducer. The FuelReducer is an aftermarket product and as such you the purchaser agree to take full responsibility and pay in full to the installer the agreed amount to install the FuelReducer and to pay for any and all alteration required by a licensed engine mechanic to properly install the FuelReducer. Before you have a FuelReducer installed on your vehicle you must agree that cutting the fuel line is authorized by you and should you decide to remove the FuelReducer in the future you agree to use only a licensed engine mechanic and pay for his or her services to remove the FuelReducer, including the cost of a new or used fuel line or coupling.

Sales and Installation Policy: All existing customers are to contact FuelReducer directly for returns or warranty issues. Distributors and installers of the FuelReducer are independant retailers and installers. They do not work for FuelReducer. There are absolutely no distributors or installers who are either agents of, employees of or commissioned sales staff for FuelReducer. If you have an issue with any sale or any installation only contact customer service directly.

Return Policy: Always make sure you get a receipt or invoice when purchasing the FuelReducer. Proof of purchase is required for warranty or refunds. Only authorized returns are accepted. If the FuelReducer has been modified in any way or the installation has not been made by a licensed engine repair mechanic, absolutely no return will be accepted and the warranty voided.