Trees are vital to a healthy planet. It is a natural filter of the harmful carbon monoxide that spew from out of vehicles exhaust pipes and keeps the Earth cool. A shade not only provides refuge from the hot summer days but breezes are formed as a direct result of cool shades. Soil erosion and mud slides can be prevented just by planting trees. Some trees even provide food for us and the wildlife. Trees are homes for the majority of animals on this planet. Trees give off oxygen.

To save our planet we need to plant trees, in every available space that is not used for farming. We must plant trees on our front lawns and in our back yards. We must plant trees inside our cities - on every available lot. If trees and plants adorn our lawn we don’t have to mow so much grass and which means we don’t have to use as much gas. Want proof that trees will cool the planet. The next time you are outside in the sweltering heat look for a tree or trees and sit under them. You can feel the difference just with the shade provided by a tree.