1969 Clunker that has the same fuel economy as Obama’s new 2009 and 2010 GM trucks and cars.

The majority of US and Canadian citizens are now on a very tight budget thanks to the irresponsible and out of control spending practices of our governments. For the past 2 years the governments of both the US and Canada have been talking about nothing but financial doom and gloom. It is only because of the daily barrage of economic fear mongering that the economy is in decline. To make matters worse, the government of the US has added to the economic instability by giving away over $11 trillion of the US people’s money to super rich bankers. They gave it to those bankers without asking for any proof that would validate their claimed $billion loses. Without requiring the filthy rich bankers to pay any of it back. Without having to pay any interests. Without having to pay any taxes. Without any oversight by the US judicial system or the US Congress. The filthy rich bankers won the lottery when Obama picked them to be saved and forced millions out on the street.

No audit has ever been done on the banks that have received over $11 trillion from the Bush and Obama governments. Either Bush and Obama just took the banker’s word or they are willing accomplices to this massive $11 trillion theft. If you or I sought out any financial aid for any amount, big or small, we would have to show to any potential lenders our financial state, especially our actual debt. We would have to show the lenders that we actually need the money. We would have to prove that we could pay it back. If you and I had no collateral we would be out of luck. If you and I didn’t have sufficient earnings we would be out of luck. If we had massive debts we would be out of luck. Not so for the bankers of Wall Street. What the super rich bankers did was simply state that they suffered massive $billion loses but never opened their books to show us that their claim is true. Today now that some people in the US Congress have come to their senses and are starting to question the validity of the rich bankers’ claims and are calling for an audit of the banks that received federal funding, the bankers are using their high priced lawyer to fight any such audit. And to add to insult the filthy rich bankers are using the federal aid money they received to pay the lawyers to keep you and I from knowing the truth - that they all committed fraud by overstating their actual losses and understating their actual earnings.

How about the auto industry. You and I were ripped off there too. Obama allowed both Chrysler and GM to declare bankruptcy but not for the reason you would think. Obama stated that the auto industry wasn’t worth saving and refused to give either any more federal aid yet tuned around and used the US people’s money to take controlling interest in GM. If GM wasn’t worth saving why did Obama use $billions of US tax dollars to buy GM? The answer is obvious. Obama orchestrated the collapse of both GM and Chrysler. His terms for federal aid were set too high on purpose so that his government could take over GM in what the business sector calls a hostile takeover. The takeover of GM by the Obama government screams conflict of interest. It screams of insider trading. It screams securities fraud. It screams money laundering. It screams grand theft auto as that is exactly what Obama did, he stole one of the biggest auto manufacturer in the US. Obama had the CEO of a private corporation fired because the CEO of GM was looking out for the interests of GM’s shareholders. Obama, from day 1, dictated how the auto industry was going to be run. He dictated the terms and conditions for federal aid. He strong armed the shareholders of GM in order to take GM from them. And today, after stating that GM wasn’t worth saving he is spending $billions of tax payers’ money on advertising to get people to buy his cars and trucks - he is fencing stolen GM cars and trucks. Now that he owns GM, GM is now a viable company with a strong future. Even though Obama made himself the owner of GM the same business practices that got GM in trouble in the first place are still a very big part of GM. Gas guzzling vehicles are still rolling off the assembly line. Over priced vehicles are still being parked on dealership lots. These two issues alone got the original owners and shareholders of GM into trouble and Obama is continuing the same “you’ll buy what we build” attitude. Well, Mr Obama just because you took over GM by illegal means doesn’t mean the majority of Americans have more money to buy your gas guzzling and over priced vehicles. Thanks to you food is more expensive. Health care is more expensive. Our utilities bills are more expensive. Our tax bills are higher. And good paying jobs are gone so how in the hell can anyone afford to buy your shiny new cars and trucks? The answer is the same as a year ago - we, the majority, still can’t even afford to even buy the bare necessities.

It is cheaper for us to keep our clunkers than to buy a vehicle we already bought and paid for with the money you took to buy controlling interest of GM. Its cheaper to hold onto our vehicles that are already paid for in full than to be burdened with an added car loan. On average it will cost anyone looking to buy a new vehicle an extra $300 a month and that doesn’t include fuel costs, warranty required servicing of the vehicle and the added insurance cost for full coverage of your new vehicle. With all newer vehicles parts and labor are much higher than a older vehicle. With an older vehicle, one that we already own, we can actually lower our insurance costs and our repair bill and we will always have $300 a month in our pockets. With older vehicles we don’t have to take it to an expensive dealership for repairs. We don’t have to pay $100 / hour labor costs. We can take it to any number of family owned garages were the labor costs are affordable. We don’t have to pay extra for auto insurance. We can apply the $300 per month that Obama wants us to use to buy his gas guzzling and over priced lemons to buy needed food and clothing or put it towards our mortgages and pay that off earlier or we can put it towards our childrens’ education or buy medicine for a sick family member. No thanks Mr obama, it makes good financial sense to hold on to my clunker than to buy an overpriced, gas guzzling and in debt for years Obama vehicle.