Jim wrote “Hello, I have seen these and sockets that attach to the o2 sensor. My dad is a long time retired mechanic and he says that the computer will adjust for fuel flow even with this item installed and it will do NO good. Can you explain if/how it will work, Thanks. Jim.”


The FuelReducer does not attach to the O2 sensor as the O2 sensor deals with the exhaust system of the vehicle. The FuelReducer attaches to the fuel intake line. You said your father is a long time retired mechanic so he would know from experience that in the old days we took out vehicles in to have people like him adjust the carburetor by turning 2 little screws that adjusted the fuel and air mixture. That is what the FuelReducer is doing but you never need to adjust it as it is precision bored to the fuel reducing specification.

The computer is always adjusting the fuel flow of the vehicle to get the 14.7 : 1 air fuel mixture but the computer can’t adjust the fuel flow any differently after a FuelReducer is installed because the FuelReducer is a mechanical device not an electronically controlled device. The computer cannot increase the fuel flow through the FuelReducer.

All engines require that the correct proportion of fuel be mixed with the incoming air for efficient operation. This proportion is in the range of 13 parts air to 1 part fuel for best power, 15 to 1 for best emissions and 17 to 1 for best economy. Most modern engines aim for a ratio of around 14.7 to 1 for the majority of cruising and medium power conditions. This is the chemically correct ratio which results in the lowest average emissions and reasonable power. After installing a FuelReducer the computer continues to make adjustments to meet the 14.7:1 ratio and since less fuel is introduced the computer makes adjustments to the air, not the fuel, to meet the computer’s pre-programmed ratio. You engine is still being feed the exact same ratio but with less fuel.

I had a mechanic of 30 years who worked for Ford Motors of Canada test the FuelReducer and he too was skeptic but quickly saw that the FuelReducer does work. He’s since put one on every vehicle he and his family owns and now sells and installs them. He thoroughly tested the device for me for 1 full year before I started selling them in May 2006.