Looks like we might have a long cold winter. One thing for sure is that millions of people are going to pay dearly to heat their homes this winter. Those with a tight budget are going to be affected the most. Any increase in electrical, gas or oil costs is going to reduce their budget drastically. Well Paul W Kincaid, the owner and inventor of the FuelReducer line of products is going to let you in on a secret that may help you save hundreds of dollars on your home heating bill this winter. This is a free tip, a gift.

For the past 5 years Paul Kincaid has been experimenting with ways to help you heat your home. The most cost effective is the ordinary incandescent light bulb. For as little as $1 you have a heating source that will help you heat your home.

How many of you have accidentally touched a light bulb that is on? Very painful because your skin has just suffered a first degree burn from touching the very hot light bulb. How many have gotten a first degree burn from touching a baseboard heater? Not very many if at all because the baseboard heater isn’t as hot as the light bulb. The ordinary $1 incandescent light bulb is a very cheap source of heat. The higher the wattage of the light bulb the hotter the lighter bulb will be. A 100 watt bulb will give off more heat than a 50 watt incandescent light bulb and even more heat than a mercury contaminated fluorescent light bulb. The best kept secret is that an incandescent light bulb is a very cheap source of heat.


Paul Kincaid has been using 100 watt incandescent light bulbs to help heat his residence. By using incandescent light bulbs your heating bill will be reduced as your oil furnace, baseboard heater or gas furnace will not have to kick on as much. A baseboard heater consumes as much as 1000 watts and more to maintain a comfortable room temperature. An incandescent light bulb can help maintain that same comfortable room temperature using a fraction of the energy and at a fraction of the cost. The best light fixtures to use are the ones like the one pictured above. The metal reflector absorbs the heat from the incandescent light bulb and acts as a heat element. The incandescent light bulb is very hot and the heat will transfer to the metal reflector shade making the shade a heat source too.

A word of caution. The deflector shade will get hot. If you have children make sure they are out of reach. The ideal height is as low as possible to the ground so that no one gets burned. Heat will rise so if you place it too high you will defeat the purpose of the light as a heating source. You don’t see a baseboard heater installed near the ceiling. They are always installed just a few inches off of the floor because in order for them to be effective the heat must be able to rise and fill the room. The same applies to using an incandescent light bulb as a heating source. The lower the better.

See for yourself. Go ahead and leave the lights on. Use 100 watts incandescent light bulbs in the winter to help heat your home and lower your heating bill. The metal deflector light sockets in the photo can be bought at your local hardware store including Home Depot, Canadian Tire and any photography store.