The benefits of both the FuelReducer Pro and the FuelReducer hp have been combined to create a new improved product that will be named the FuelReducer mpg+. The FuelReducer mpg+ increases the fuel mileage of most vehicles by 10 to 45% just like the FuelReducer Pro did. It will also improve the performance of most vehicles just like the FuelReducer hp did. The average gain in mileage is 5 mpg. Some customers have reported as much as an 8 mpg increase in fuel mileage.

The FuelReducer mpg+ eliminates both the Pro and hp and the confusion by reducing the choices. All of the in stock FuelReducer Pro have been modified so that they match the added performance of the FuelReducer hp. Now instead of having to choose from 5 products there are just 3. All you have to do is determine what size fuel line your vehicle has. The FuelReducer is to be installed on Metal fuel lines. The compression fitting ends will only properly install onto metal. They could leak if you try to install it on a plastic fuel line. Plastic can be squeezed easily and as a result the circular shape becomes easily deformed if you try to install a FuelReducer mpg+ on plastic fuel lines.