FuelReducer is in the process of developing and hosting a used auto reseller and salvage auto parts website - The website will feature used vehicles and used salvage auto parts for sale by you the general public, salvage yards and used vehicle dealerships.

Instead of retiring your ride for a few hundred dollars why not post it on There are thousands of people who can’t afford a new vehicle. Don’t scrap it either as there are people on the internet looking for your car or truck and are willing to pay you more for your working vehicle. The internet is the perfect selling and buying tool. Where else can you find great deals without leaving the comfort of your home.

salvagerad.jpg will feature photo ads of cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, van, mini-vans, SUVs and auto salvage parts that includes engines, transmissions, body panels, fenders, hoods, and an unlimited number of auto salvage parts. The website will be administered by the owner of FuelReducer, Paul W Kincaid. The website will only have automotive content. If you own and operate a used car or truck dealership, a salvage auto parts yard or sell aftermarket auto parts contact Paul W Kincaid to inquire as to how you can advertise your business on the website.

How much will advertising on the website cost? For private advertisers you pay FuelReducer whatever you think the ad was worth for helping you sell your used vehicle or used auto parts. Anyone who submits an advertising payment of $45 or more will receive a FREE FuelReducer mpg+ when we mail you your receipt. For aftermarket, salvage and dealership advertisers the cost is as little as 1% commission.