Our new website is now up and running live. You don’t have to recycle your ride in order to get better fuel efficiency. Simply getting a tune up will make your vehicle run more efficiently and when it runs more efficiently you get better fuel mileage. Newer vehicles don’t necessaryly get better fuel mileage. The stated mileage on all new vehicles are purely hype. They simply post higher fuel mileage in order to trick you into buying a new vehicle, putting yourself in debt for years.

The technology exists to greatly increase the fuel mileage of every new and older vehicle on the road. The technology on all new vehicles, the ECM, O2 Sensors, MAFF and MAP Sensors are all responsible for low fuel efficiency. Another major culprit is the refining of the gasoline. The refineries have for the past 70 years been changing the properties of the gas so that no vehicle can achieve high fuel efficiency. The gas you pump into your vehicles is no longer pure gasoline. The gasoline is watered down. I know you are thinking that I am full of it but the next time you are driving on the road, on your way to work or shopping, look at the tailpipes of the vehicles in front of you. Most of the larger cars and trucks have water dripping from the exhaust pipe. That isn’t condensation that is the water in the gas that cannot be burned. The reason why all exhaust systems rust out is because of the water in the gasoline. Most every exhaust system begins rusting from inside.

If you look at a brand new muffler you will find a small hole on the bottom rear side of the muffler. Why is that there? To drain the water so that the muffler doesn’t rust out too quickly. It is only recently that car manufacturers have started using aluminium exhaust systems so that the watered down gasoline doesn’t rust out the system. In hot weather you don’t see as much water dripping because the outside humidity and very hot temperature of the exhaust system masks the problem.

More evidence that shows that the auto makers are purposely manufacturing cars and trucks to be very fuel inefficient is the vehicle’s fuel lines, mainly the return fuel line. If the vehicles were made to efficiently burn the fuel that is injected into the engine there would be absolutely no need for a return fuel line. The return fuel line returns fuel that wasn’t used in the engine combustion. Seriously think about this. If the manufacturers made a vehicle that is as fuel efficient and environmentally friendly as they claim their vehicles are then there would be zero emissions - zero CO2 emissions. All of the SUVs that are made by the Big Three manufacturers are no better than your older vehicle. They simply advertise - falsely - that they are. They do this to get you to buy their cars and trucks and you fall for it. - hook line and sinker.

So keep your ride and spend a few dollars to give it a much needed tune up. You will see a difference right away. Start using a higher grade of fuel if you are concerned about global warming. If you fall for the auto manufacturers’ BS don’t recycle it, sell it. Instead of a few hundreds dollars they give you to give up your perfectly good working vehicle you could get hundreds of dollars even a few thousands more for your perfectly good used vehicle.

There are thousands of people out there who simply can’t afford a new vehicle. They have children to shelter, feed and provide a good education for. Thousands of people are looking right now for just your vehicle. Thousands more are looking for your good used auto parts so that they can keep their trusted and much loved car or truck that they use to get to work or shop for the necessities of life. What good does a $20,000 gas guzzler vehicle do for a person being paid minimum wage? Food and shelter is more important for millions than a brand new car or truck that immediately puts them in a debt they can’t afford.

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