forsale.jpg is now up and running. Download and print the FOR SALE sign and start selling your good used vehicles today.

There are thousands of people out there looking for a good used vehicle. Thousands of Canadians simply can’t afford a new vehicle. They have children to shelter, feed and provide a good education for. Thousands of people are looking right now for just your vehicle. Thousands more are looking for your good used auto parts so that they can keep their trusted and much loved car or truck that they use to get to work or shop for the necessities of life. What good does a $20,000 gas guzzler vehicle do for a person being paid minimum wage? Food and shelter is more important for millions than a brand new car or truck that immediately puts them in a debt they can’t afford.

To download click on the FOR SALE link. You can either right mouse click over the image and save the FOR SALE sign image to your hard drive or you can left mouse click on the FOR SALE image which will open up a pdf file that you can save to your hard drive or print to your printer right away. The download is free.

If you would like to post your vehicle on the website register by using the Contact Us link to the right of this article. will reply with a user name and password to access the system so that you can enter your vehicle details and upload photos. Only automotive ads will be allowed. All other types of ads will be deleted immediately. Automotive ads include either used vehicles for sale or automotive mechanical and auto body parts for sale.