Every year millions of people from around the World are hit hard in the pocket book with high heating costs. As a direct result of high heating bills millions of people, mostly in the low to middle income bracket, are forced to make a financially detrimental decision every winter. What to sacrifice in order to pay the heating bill.

For decades there has only been 2 real choices for heating your home. Either you heat with oil or electricity. Oil prices have steadily risen since 2001 and so has electricity costs. With oil there is little one can do but with electricity there is a lot that can be done.

Most home owners who heat their home using some sort of baseboard heater are faced with high electrical bills. That is guaranteed because baseboard heaters are one of the most power consuming devices in your home. A baseboard heater for an average size living room normally are rated at a minimal of 1000 watts of electrical power consumption. Some are as much as 2000 watts. Depending on how many rooms your home has your home heating electrical bill can be very high.

The solution to reducing high electrical heating costs is to rethink how we use electricity to heat our homes. To start we need to drastically reduce the power consumption of baseboard heaters. In order to do this we need to either eliminate or replace the power hungry heating element. The heating element of all baseboard heaters uses a lot of electricity just to get it hot enough to generate any heat. Then it needs a lot of electricity to keep the element hot enough to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The sole proprietor owner of FuelReducer has come up with a new electrical heating apparatus that could drastically reduce home heating cost. This new electrical heating apparatus has eliminated the existing power hungry heating element of the mass produced baseboard heaters and substituted it with a more energy efficient heat producing apparatus. The electrical heating apparatus uses less than half the electricity as currently marketed baseboard heaters. The high heat source for this heating apparatus isn’t a totally new technology. It has been around for decades.

This new device isn’t available in stores yet. It is currently being developed and tested by the owner of FuelReducer. More information on this new development and the development of other clean energy technology and solutions by FuelReducer is available on the website http://fuelreducer.com.

This new electrical heating apparatus is being developed to help reduce our dependency on oil by providing an electrical home heating device that uses a lot less electricity. The unit is being designed to either sit on a floor, table or counter or hung on a wall near an electrical outlet, like a picture. It could also be placed in front of a drafty window so that the unit can warm the cold draft. No need to call an expensive electrical technician as maintenance can be done by the home owner. This innovative electric home heating apparatus can reduce the electrical power consumption and cost by as much as 50%. The unit also has another very important feature that will be revealed after development is complete and the units are ready for marketing.

Testing has begun

Testing of the first prototype began in October 2010. The prototype was made entirely from store bought items. To make this prototype parts were stripped from various electrical appliances, tools and devices in the home of the owner of FuelReducer. The first test prototype used just 300 watts of electrical power. The amount of heat produced from just 300 watts of power was so great that the front of the unit began to overheat so the unit is going to be modified and retested. The fact that the first prototype consumed just 300 watts of power and produced a considerable amount of heat means that the FuelReducer heater consumed less than 1/3 the electrical power of the mass produced baseboard heaters (1000 watts is the average electrical consumption of a baseboard heater for a mid size to large size room). The tested prototype unit got so hot that the internal wire mesh safety grill (placed to prevent household insects or small common household debris from coming into contact with the heat source) turned red hot. After allowing it to cool down, the safety mesh was removed and the unit retested. Using just 300 watts of electricity the unit got hotter than a baseboard heater of a comparable size. The face plate of the FuelReducer 300 watt heater got too hot to touch.

In one test a digital thermometer was placed a few inches above the FuelReducer heater prototype and the temperature was recorded at 22 degrees Celsius (71.6°). The FuelReducer heater prototype was then plugged into an electrical outlet and the temperature shot up 10 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius (89.6 ºF) in less than a minute.

In the winter months if the power goes out most people use gas or diesel powered generators for emergency power. Most generators can’t power existing electrical baseboard heaters. The power consumption is just to great. A 1000 watt baseboard heater or even a 1000 watt portable heater would put a heavy power demand on any power generator. The FuelReducer heater doesn’t. The power demand of the FuelReducer heater would be comparable to 3 - 100 watt incandescent bulbs. It would consume only as much power as a desktop computer system.

Invest in a cleaner future

If you or your company would like to invest in the development and production of this new electrical home heating apparatus or one of the many other clean energy designs you are encouraged to contact FuelReducer directly. Contact FuelReducer by using their Customer Service Form or through voice mail at (301) 637-7745. FuelReducer is a clean energy technology and solutions company. FuelReducer’s goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing fossil fuel consumption.