The easiest, cheapest and most secure means of contacting FuelReducer to ask questions, make suggestions, submit complaints or to order the FuelReducer is to use the Customer Service Link. Your correspondence can’t be intercepted or read by anyone but you and I. There is always the possibility that emails, text messages and phone calls can be lost, intercepted, read or listened in on. When you use the customer service form your input is stored directly on our server. The information never leaves the server. They can only be opened and read by you and I with the valid authorization code.

Over the past year it has come to my attention that most people would like to read updates online in a format that they can interact with. I am going to post updates on this blog as they develop and you are free to comment on them.

Everyone has the same questions in regards to the FuelReducer. All your questions are answered just by reading the information on the FuelReducer website. I’ve taken every question asked over the past 2 years and addressed them on this website. The next logical step is to provide a forum where you, the consumer, can interact online with the data and at the same time see what others are saying about their experiences with the FuelReducer products.

Fell free to begin commenting on this article and all future articles. Anyone who misuses this blog in any way will be denied access to the entire website. Profanity, solicitation or unrelated comments or rude behavior will not be tolerated. This is an information service that aims to inform the public about the progress of the FuelReducer.