There are a number of solutions to end the North American automakers’ financial crisis. All can be achieved without any money from any federal or provincial government. The simplest solution for bringing in quick and much needed cash for operations is a garage sale. The Big 3 are massively overstocked with overpriced vehicles. Every dealership is suffering because they have vehicles that aren’t moving. The solution is the same with any other corporation running in financial difficulties because of overhead costs - reduce stock. The only way to reduce stock quickly is with a sale - a real sale - not a sale where you markup the price of stock and then offer the stock at the original price. All 3 automakers know just how much it costs to build each and every vehicle on the lot. They know how much a vehicle can be sold for and still cover the cost of manufacturing. So the answer is not a bailout. The answer is a huge overstock clearance sale.

To get ahead of import sales there is another solution that can easily be implemented by all 3 automakers. The solution is simple. All 3 can very easily win back the major market share and keep auto industry jobs in Canada and the US simply by implementing this simple solution. What is the solution? The North American automakers and leadership for the US and Canada can contact FuelReducer for the solution. This solution will save the Canadian and US taxpayers $billions. It will increase sales and dealer revenue for all 3 automakers. It will bring back the Canadian and US consumers to GM, Ford and Chrysler. And no the solution I am talking about is not the FuelReducer - even though installing a FuelReducer on every vehicle will increase fuel economy resulting in the owners of such vehicles saving money and keeping their favorite gas guzzlers. The FuelReducer is now approaching 3 years of sales. In those 3 years there hasn’t been a single complaint from customers who have bought a FuelReducer. All have reported an increase in fuel mileage and the majority have also reported a reduction in carbon emissions and an increase in performance. Besides the 3 years of proven results of the FuelReducer, all 3 North American automakers can gain back the market share simply by implementing this undisclosed solution. So if they are serious about resolving their financial situation and the leadership of Canada and the US are also serious about finding a solution to the auto industry problems, keeping jobs and creating new jobs then all they have to do is contact the owner of FuelReducer - Paul W Kincaid.