FuelReducer is looking for investors to build a Canadian edition of a gas electric hybrid vehicle. The Kincaid Jr will be a 2 seater roadster that can essentially travel 2 to 3 hours on 1 gallon of fuel. There will be no limit in the distance you can travel with the Kincaid Jr. When you run out of gas just pull into any gas station and refill. The Kincaid Jr is designed to drive on both city streets and highways. You can travel anywhere you would normally drive to. No plugging into a electrical outlet for overnight recharging. No battery banks needed to power the vehicle for distances. There will be just one car battery in the Kincaid Jr. Want power? No problem as the Kincaid Jr will rival most gas electric hybrids.

The Kincaid Jr is needed to help reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Most cars and trucks on the road today have only 1 person in the vehicle at one time - the driver. Occasionally a passenger can be seen accompanying the driver. The Kincaid Jr will be environmentally friendly. The Kincaid Jr will incorporate the latest FuelReducer technology for fuel reduction so that virtually all fuel is burned completely in the engine resulting in little or no carbon emissions. In 1932 it was proven that a combustion engine could go 200 miles on one gallon of fuel. It was possible then and it is possible today.

The Kincaid Jr will be built in Ontario Canada. It will be Canada’s environmentally friendly sports car. To make the Kincaid Jr a reality we need investors. If you can’t invest you can still help by making a donation. Donations don’t have to be cash as we could also use metal working machinery or tools that you are no longer need. Email us as to what you have to offer in way of machinery and tools. You can also contribute by donating warehouse space where the Kincaid Jr prototype can be built. Contact FuelReducer today.


Installed as directed, the FuelReducer can help reduce the pain and headaches of high gas prices. The FuelReducer reduces your vehicle’s insatiable appetite for fuel by reducing its diet of fuel. A reduction in fuel is healthier for you, your wallet, your vehicle and the environment. Trim the engine’s diet by reducing its intake. Your vehicle will run better with a little less fuel. Burning less fuel can also reduce emissions. You’ll spend less time worrying about prices going up and you’ll go further on the same amount of fuel just by installing the FuelReducer on your vehicle.

Order your FuelReducer today. Place an order for 1, 2 5 or more. Purchase orders of 10 or more are subject to reduced shipping costs and cost per unit. Orders of 50 or more and we pay the shipping. Used car dealers can greatly benefit from installing a FuelReducer on all your pre-owned vehicles. Companies with a fleet of vehicles (city and town vehicles, cable companies, phone companies, hydro companies, public transit, plumbing supply companies, law enforcement departments and agencies, military, taxis, distributors, and courier companies) will save thousands of dollars every year just by installing a FuelReducer on all your fleet vehicles.


for Fuel Injection • Carburetor • Throttle Body • Oil Furnace Pumps
Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV, Tractors, Boats and Oil Heating Furnaces
Proven 10 to 45% reduction in fuel costs

The FuelReducer will work on all cars, trucks or boats with either a 5/16” or 3/8” “metal” Fuel lines. The FuelReducer Adds 2 to 8 Miles per Gallon For a 20 gallon gas tank that means an added 40 to 160 miles per tank. Metric conversion - added 64.3737 km to 257.495 km per tank of gas

Anodized green FuelReducer Pro proposed for 2009

I am in the process of developing a new FuelReducer. It’ll be called the FuelReducer V or FRV for short. No mechanic required to install. No cutting fuel lines. Anyone can install it on their vehicle themselves with just a few hand tools. The FuelReducer V will still reduce fuel consumption and save you in fuel costs.

The next batch of FuelReducer Pros (the ones that attach to the fuel intake lines) will be anodized in green for the eco friendly look. The FuelReducer is environmentally friendly as less fuel is being consumed which means less carbons being exhausted into the air.

Bookmark this website so that you can check back and see when the FuelReducer V comes available.