The owner of FuelReducer, Paul W Kincaid, of Caledon East Ontario Canada is currently working on a heating source that will drastically reduce your heating bill. Whether you heat your home with natural gas, oil or electric baseboard heaters using this simple solution will reduce your heating bill.

Gas and oil heating is getting very expensive. Depending on how much you use to maintain your own personal comfort level you could easily spend from $200 to $500 a month in oil and natural gas. With electric baseboard heating the cost can be just as expensive as it takes a lot of energy (electricity) to heat the heating elements of the baseboard heater.

What if I told you that you can drastically reduce you heating cost just by using an electrical device that has been around for over 200 years, longer than the very high energy consuming baseboard heater. Modern baseboard heaters are available from 500 watts and up. A large room requires a 1000 watt or higher baseboard heater. If you have several large rooms the amount of watts needed to heat those rooms will be very high. What if there was a way to heat those same large rooms with as much as half the amount of energy. Instead of 1000 watts one could do the same job with as little as 400 watts. It is possible.

Paul W Kincaid has been testing a more energy efficient heating source for the past 5 years. The tests were conducted in a 100 year old home, a 10 year old home and several different size apartments. With the 100 year old 3 bedroom, 2 story home the monthly heating electrical bill was on average just $200 per month compared to similar homes in the same area that paid as much as $500 a month for their electrical heating bill. Why such a difference in the heating bill? The heating source. Paul Kincaid still used baseboard heaters but also used the more energy efficient heating source. By using the new heating source the baseboard heaters didn’t have to work all the time. The new heating source maintained the preferred comfort level at a far lesser cost than the baseboard heaters. In the 10 year old home the heat source was a oil furnace. Using the more energy efficient heating source the oil furnace didn’t turn on as much and the oil heating bill reflected the cost savings. Instead of paying $300 for oil like everyone else in the neighborhood Paul paid just $125 for oil. Now that Paul is living in an apartment in Ontario he has used his more energy efficient heat source to heat the rooms. It isn’t very cold yet but it is getting colder and this heating source is more than enough to raise the room temperature to a very comfortable level. The landlord has given Paul a ceramic portable heater to use as she isn’t going to turn on the oil furnace yet as oil is too expensive. During the day no heat source is needed but in the early hours of the morning and after the sun goes down in the evening a heat source is needed to maintain a comfortable room temperature. The energy efficient heating source does the job.

Want to know what is being used to lower the heating cost? What can actually heat a room more efficiently than oil, gas or electric baseboard heaters? The clue is the photo at the top of this article.