In celebration of the new year the FuelReducer mpg+ is now on sale for $20.10 plus $12.50 shipping and handling to most Canadian and US destinations. All those interested in buying one or more of the FuelReducer mpg+ at this price can contact us by clicking on the “Contact Us” link to the right of this webpage.

The FuelReducer was developed over 3 years ago. The FuelReducer is a fuel saving device that attaches to the metal fuel line of most vehicles with either Fuel Injection, Carburetor or Throttle Body engines. The FuelReducer is for Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV, Tractors and Boats. 10 to 45% reduction in fuel costs. The FuelReducer will work on cars, trucks or boats with either a 5/16” or 3/8” “metal” Fuel lines. Does not fit plastic fuel lines. The FuelReducer Adds 2 to 8 Miles per Gallon. For a 20 gallon gas tank that means an added 40 to 160 miles per tank. Metric conversion - added 64.3737 km to 257.495 km per tank of gas. 5 mpg average gain. Over 3 Years of Proven Results.

Installed as directed, the FuelReducer can help reduce the pain and headaches of high gas prices. The FuelReducer reduces your vehicle’s insatiable appetite for fuel by reducing its diet of fuel. A reduction in fuel is healthier for you, your wallet, your vehicle and the environment. Trim the engine’s diet by reducing its intake. Your vehicle will run better with a little less fuel. Burning less fuel can also reduce emissions. You’ll spend less time worrying about prices going up and you’ll go further on the same amount of fuel just by installing the FuelReducer on your vehicle. The FuelReducer has been sold via this website and our distributors since February 2006.


The FuelReducer converts liquid fuel flow from high volume flow to a fine centralized stream. The output fuel pressure is automatically increased for the fuel being streamed out of the FuelReducer. Because the FuelReducer is machined to a preset diameter to allow a specific amount of fuel flow the increased fuel pressure is consistent throughout the driving speed range. The fuel flow reductions that is being achieved in the ones that are currently being sold are like the photo above. The flow is reduced from the fuel line (demonstrated in image above) by 10-25%. Some vehicles might have better than a 25% reduction. (example; going from 16 mpg to 22 mpg = 37.5% reduction in fuel consumption) .

Decreasing fuel flow = increased mpg. Increase mileage from 25 to 30 mpg = 20% increase. Increase mileage from 15 to 20 mpg = 33.5% increase. Increase from 10 to 20mpg = 100% increase.

The FuelReducer does what its name states - reduces fuel consumption which helps save you money.

* Reduces fuel consumption by reducing fuel flow
* Maintains fuel pressure - in most cases actually increases fuel pressure.
* Saves you money
* Can reduces emissions - less fuel being sent to the engine

Benny G. of Sussex, N.B. wrote us with his results - 2006 ford escape v6 4×4 - tested the milage before on the highway, I put it on cruise at 120 km with no AC, and got 24 mpg, after I had it installed I got 29 mpg with it set on cruise at 120 and no AC, and 28 at the same speed but with the AC on.

Try a FuelReducer mpg+ before you sell or trade in. If you are like me and you love those big cars and trucks why not give the FuelReducer a try before you consider selling or trading. I offer you a money back guarantee if the FuelReducer doesn’t reduce your fuel consumption by at least 10%.

After installing a FuelReducer you will notice a difference right away - everyone has. Within a week to 2 weeks you should have enough information to determine if you are saving on fuel. In regards to warranty if you receive a defective FuelReducer you must return it immediately for an exchange. Defective does not include you or your mechanic stripping the thread as a result of improper installation. Defective means damage caused by shipping, missing the threads, missing a compression sleeve, or missing the hole through which fuel flows.

All purchases are backed by a 90 days buy back guarantee. If within 90 days of receiving the FuelReducer you don’t see at least a 10% increase in miles per gallon I’ll buy it back. Contact me within 90 days to make arrangements for a refund.

The FuelReducer mpg+ is a proven viable fuel economy solution for companies with a fleet of vehicles including: Delivery companies, servicing companies, contractors, construction companies, taxis, patrol cars and city public works vehicles. Anyone with a fleet of vehicles can reduce their fuel cost with the FuelReducer. You have nothing to lose with my 90 days buy back guarantee. You could win your stock car races with the FuelReducer. The FuelReducer mpg+ can even be installed on your fishing boats and pleasure boats.

Jim wrote “Hello, I have seen these and sockets that attach to the o2 sensor. My dad is a long time retired mechanic and he says that the computer will adjust for fuel flow even with this item installed and it will do NO good. Can you explain if/how it will work, Thanks. Jim.”


The FuelReducer does not attach to the O2 sensor as the O2 sensor deals with the exhaust system of the vehicle. The FuelReducer attaches to the fuel intake line. You said your father is a long time retired mechanic so he would know from experience that in the old days we took out vehicles in to have people like him adjust the carburetor by turning 2 little screws that adjusted the fuel and air mixture. That is what the FuelReducer is doing but you never need to adjust it as it is precision bored to the fuel reducing specification.

The computer is always adjusting the fuel flow of the vehicle to get the 14.7 : 1 air fuel mixture but the computer can’t adjust the fuel flow any differently after a FuelReducer is installed because the FuelReducer is a mechanical device not an electronically controlled device. The computer cannot increase the fuel flow through the FuelReducer.

All engines require that the correct proportion of fuel be mixed with the incoming air for efficient operation. This proportion is in the range of 13 parts air to 1 part fuel for best power, 15 to 1 for best emissions and 17 to 1 for best economy. Most modern engines aim for a ratio of around 14.7 to 1 for the majority of cruising and medium power conditions. This is the chemically correct ratio which results in the lowest average emissions and reasonable power. After installing a FuelReducer the computer continues to make adjustments to meet the 14.7:1 ratio and since less fuel is introduced the computer makes adjustments to the air, not the fuel, to meet the computer’s pre-programmed ratio. You engine is still being feed the exact same ratio but with less fuel.

I had a mechanic of 30 years who worked for Ford Motors of Canada test the FuelReducer and he too was skeptic but quickly saw that the FuelReducer does work. He’s since put one on every vehicle he and his family owns and now sells and installs them. He thoroughly tested the device for me for 1 full year before I started selling them in May 2006.

1969 Clunker that has the same fuel economy as Obama’s new 2009 and 2010 GM trucks and cars.

The majority of US and Canadian citizens are now on a very tight budget thanks to the irresponsible and out of control spending practices of our governments. For the past 2 years the governments of both the US and Canada have been talking about nothing but financial doom and gloom. It is only because of the daily barrage of economic fear mongering that the economy is in decline. To make matters worse, the government of the US has added to the economic instability by giving away over $11 trillion of the US people’s money to super rich bankers. They gave it to those bankers without asking for any proof that would validate their claimed $billion loses. Without requiring the filthy rich bankers to pay any of it back. Without having to pay any interests. Without having to pay any taxes. Without any oversight by the US judicial system or the US Congress. The filthy rich bankers won the lottery when Obama picked them to be saved and forced millions out on the street.

No audit has ever been done on the banks that have received over $11 trillion from the Bush and Obama governments. Either Bush and Obama just took the banker’s word or they are willing accomplices to this massive $11 trillion theft. If you or I sought out any financial aid for any amount, big or small, we would have to show to any potential lenders our financial state, especially our actual debt. We would have to show the lenders that we actually need the money. We would have to prove that we could pay it back. If you and I had no collateral we would be out of luck. If you and I didn’t have sufficient earnings we would be out of luck. If we had massive debts we would be out of luck. Not so for the bankers of Wall Street. What the super rich bankers did was simply state that they suffered massive $billion loses but never opened their books to show us that their claim is true. Today now that some people in the US Congress have come to their senses and are starting to question the validity of the rich bankers’ claims and are calling for an audit of the banks that received federal funding, the bankers are using their high priced lawyer to fight any such audit. And to add to insult the filthy rich bankers are using the federal aid money they received to pay the lawyers to keep you and I from knowing the truth - that they all committed fraud by overstating their actual losses and understating their actual earnings.

How about the auto industry. You and I were ripped off there too. Obama allowed both Chrysler and GM to declare bankruptcy but not for the reason you would think. Obama stated that the auto industry wasn’t worth saving and refused to give either any more federal aid yet tuned around and used the US people’s money to take controlling interest in GM. If GM wasn’t worth saving why did Obama use $billions of US tax dollars to buy GM? The answer is obvious. Obama orchestrated the collapse of both GM and Chrysler. His terms for federal aid were set too high on purpose so that his government could take over GM in what the business sector calls a hostile takeover. The takeover of GM by the Obama government screams conflict of interest. It screams of insider trading. It screams securities fraud. It screams money laundering. It screams grand theft auto as that is exactly what Obama did, he stole one of the biggest auto manufacturer in the US. Obama had the CEO of a private corporation fired because the CEO of GM was looking out for the interests of GM’s shareholders. Obama, from day 1, dictated how the auto industry was going to be run. He dictated the terms and conditions for federal aid. He strong armed the shareholders of GM in order to take GM from them. And today, after stating that GM wasn’t worth saving he is spending $billions of tax payers’ money on advertising to get people to buy his cars and trucks - he is fencing stolen GM cars and trucks. Now that he owns GM, GM is now a viable company with a strong future. Even though Obama made himself the owner of GM the same business practices that got GM in trouble in the first place are still a very big part of GM. Gas guzzling vehicles are still rolling off the assembly line. Over priced vehicles are still being parked on dealership lots. These two issues alone got the original owners and shareholders of GM into trouble and Obama is continuing the same “you’ll buy what we build” attitude. Well, Mr Obama just because you took over GM by illegal means doesn’t mean the majority of Americans have more money to buy your gas guzzling and over priced vehicles. Thanks to you food is more expensive. Health care is more expensive. Our utilities bills are more expensive. Our tax bills are higher. And good paying jobs are gone so how in the hell can anyone afford to buy your shiny new cars and trucks? The answer is the same as a year ago - we, the majority, still can’t even afford to even buy the bare necessities.

It is cheaper for us to keep our clunkers than to buy a vehicle we already bought and paid for with the money you took to buy controlling interest of GM. Its cheaper to hold onto our vehicles that are already paid for in full than to be burdened with an added car loan. On average it will cost anyone looking to buy a new vehicle an extra $300 a month and that doesn’t include fuel costs, warranty required servicing of the vehicle and the added insurance cost for full coverage of your new vehicle. With all newer vehicles parts and labor are much higher than a older vehicle. With an older vehicle, one that we already own, we can actually lower our insurance costs and our repair bill and we will always have $300 a month in our pockets. With older vehicles we don’t have to take it to an expensive dealership for repairs. We don’t have to pay $100 / hour labor costs. We can take it to any number of family owned garages were the labor costs are affordable. We don’t have to pay extra for auto insurance. We can apply the $300 per month that Obama wants us to use to buy his gas guzzling and over priced lemons to buy needed food and clothing or put it towards our mortgages and pay that off earlier or we can put it towards our childrens’ education or buy medicine for a sick family member. No thanks Mr obama, it makes good financial sense to hold on to my clunker than to buy an overpriced, gas guzzling and in debt for years Obama vehicle.

Home Heating Tips


Home Heating Tip #1

Despite what is being claimed, the ordinary incandescent light bulb is a very efficient source of energy. For those of us in the northern climates it can actually reduce our home heating bill. Compared to a baseboard heater that consumes anywhere from 750 to 2200 watts of electricity (not very energy efficient) the light bulb only consumes 40 to 100 watts (very efficient). Try this out for a few weeks. In the room(s) that has a chill in it and where you are always turning up the baseboard heater thermostat, leave a light on - one with a 100-watt incandescent light bulb. If there is a draft from one of the windows place a lamp on a stand in front of the window - instead of turning the heat up. The draft will distribute the energy efficient hot heat (will burn your hand if you try to touch a light bulb on) from the light bulb. You won’t have to set the thermostat so high any longer if you leave the light on - incandescent only.

Home Heating Tip #2

Sunny day heating. In the winter months use natural sunlight to help reduce your home heating costs. The Sun always rises in the east and sets in the west. The days are shorter but just a few hours of sunlight can lower your home heating costs. In your home, the windows facing south should not be shaded or curtained during the daytime hours. Let the sunlight in on sunny days. Keeps blinds closed on the other sides especially on the north side of the house. Glass is used in green houses to raise the temperature.

In the summer months we are told to pull down the shade to keep out the summer heat (sun heat actually) so in the winter it would be wise to do just the opposite - open the shades and let the sun’s heat in. You will notice a difference. As soon as the sun goes down close the shades, blinds or curtains again to keep the heat in.


Trees are vital to a healthy planet. It is a natural filter of the harmful carbon monoxide that spew from out of vehicles exhaust pipes and keeps the Earth cool. A shade not only provides refuge from the hot summer days but breezes are formed as a direct result of cool shades. Soil erosion and mud slides can be prevented just by planting trees. Some trees even provide food for us and the wildlife. Trees are homes for the majority of animals on this planet. Trees give off oxygen.

To save our planet we need to plant trees, in every available space that is not used for farming. We must plant trees on our front lawns and in our back yards. We must plant trees inside our cities - on every available lot. If trees and plants adorn our lawn we don’t have to mow so much grass and which means we don’t have to use as much gas. Want proof that trees will cool the planet. The next time you are outside in the sweltering heat look for a tree or trees and sit under them. You can feel the difference just with the shade provided by a tree.


Anyone who studied science in school knows that water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen or H2O. We all know about the importance of water but few know that water is also a fuel. You know that firemen use water to put out fires so how on Earth can water also be used as a fuel because to be used as a fuel we must be able to ignite it? The answer is H2O Cold Fission. H2O (Water) + radio wave frequency = O (Oxygen) and H2 (Hydrogen fuel).

The cheapest and cleanest fuel is all ready on tap . The technology is already here to break completely free of the oil dependency and Cold Fission of Sea Water is the answer to all our energy needs.

Canadian owned FuelReducer is working on developing new technology that will drastically reduce our dependency on oil. FuelReducer’s H2O - Water for Fuel Project is focusing on fueling the World with sea water instead of oil or gas. FuelReducer has recently developed a prototype that separates water (H2O) into Hydrogen and Oxygen using a low radio frequency. The amount of energy needed to split the water into a fuel and the life giving oxygen is very small. The applications are endless. Hydrogen fuel from sea water can be used to fuel electrical power generators, gas stoves, emergency power generators, boat engines, barbecues and gas furnaces to name a few.

Before everyone starts calling the owner and inventor of the FuelReducer, Paul W Kincaid, a crackpot let me point out that this article is going to talk about “Cold Fission” not “Cold Fusion”. There is a big difference, in that “Cold Fusion” is very controversial and has already been labeled an impossibility by the scientific community - or at least that is what they want us to believe and have gone to great lengths to discredit everyone who has come out and reported having found the secrets of Cold Fusion. My report is about “fission” not “fusion. ” The anomaly of “cold fusion” experiments — high energy yields with few neutrons or tritium nuclei — has resulted from a simple case of mistaken identity? There are a number of nuclear fission reactions that produce neither neutrons nor tritium, yet yield large quantities of energy.” Scientists have mistakenly reported on the process used to gain large amounts of energy in their experiments. A communication error has resulted in the World being denied access to a free energy source from the most abundant and cleanest fuel source on Earth - Water.

To understand the errors that caused the unnecessary wars to control the oil supply of the World we have to start with understanding the most important and basic fact - that water sustains all life on Earth. Water contains the oxygen we need to breath and the fuel (hydrogen) to create motion (life). No one on Earth can survive very long without water (H2O). We can’t survive and function without water. Our food can’t survive and grow without water either. About 1,460 teratonnes (Tt) of water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, mostly in oceans and other large water bodies, with 1.6% of water below ground in aquifers and 0.001% in the air as vapor, clouds (formed of solid and liquid water particles suspended in air), and precipitation. Saltwater oceans hold 97% of surface water. This fact alone states that 97% of the Earth’s water is readily available to mankind - not for human consumption (because humans require fresh water), but as the most abundant source of energy. How do we get that energy? By applying Cold Fission to saltwater which will provide both the energy we need to fuel our cars and homes as well as adds more oxygen to Earth’s atmosphere. Let me explain it all by starting with the very basics. First off what is Fission? Fission is defined as

1: a splitting or breaking up into parts
2: reproduction by spontaneous division of the body into two or more parts each of which grows into a complete organism
3: the splitting of an atomic nucleus resulting in the release of large amounts of energy

You already know that water’s chemical description is H2O - that is one atom of oxygen bound to two atoms of hydrogen. The hydrogen atoms are “attached” to one side of the oxygen atom, resulting in a water molecule having a positive charge on the side where the hydrogen atoms are and a negative charge on the other side, where the oxygen atom is. Since opposite electrical charges attract, water molecules tend to attract each other, making water kind of “sticky.” The side with the hydrogen atoms (positive charge) attracts the oxygen side (negative charge) of a different water molecule. All these water molecules attracting each other mean they tend to clump together forming water drops. As more water drops are formed they stick to each other to form a liquid state of water. Cold Fission is used to reverse the process - return water or split the liquid state of water back to its three atoms; an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. The bond between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms are very strong. The bond needs to be broken and Cold Fission does this. Most scientists would declare that it takes a lot of energy to break the bond between the oxygen and hydrogen that makes up water. That is why they continue to discredit all claims of Cold Fusion. But Cold Fission doesn’t require a lot of energy to split Water. In fact very little energy is required in Cold Fission to begin splitting the bond between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms of water. The very definition of fission is splitting or breaking up into “parts” and nowhere does it hint or suggest that energy, or a lot of energy is required to do it. Scientists have known for decades what it takes to break the bond that makes water. The secret they have been keeping from us is that water can easily be broken up into its oxygen and hydrogen parts by applying a resonant frequency (radio wave). You already know that crystal radios were the only appliances on Earth that worked perfectly without using any energy supply. What you failed to see and understand is that they worked “without using any energy supply”. The crystal radio receiver (also known as a crystal set) is a very simple kind of radio receiver. It needs no battery or power source except the power received from radio waves by a long outdoor wire antenna. To listen to a specific broadcast we must tune in to the frequency being transmitted. Cold Fission uses low energy radio waves tuned to a specific frequency to split water into its oxygen and hydrogen parts. The key to building a successful Cold Fission reactor is to find the resonant frequency of the bond that sticks the oxygen and hydrogen atoms together. That frequency has already be discovered. Using the known frequency that breaks the bond that holds water together in a liquid state in a Cold Fission reactor produces free energy. There are many means of collecting free water to use for both drinking and as fuel. If you live near the ocean water is yours for the taking. If you live in the country and you have well water you have your water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and fuel for your farm equipment and vehicles. If you live in the city where you pay for water you can still collect water for use as fuel for free simply by collecting rain water in a large plastic garbage bin placed in your own private backyard and balcony.

Ferrari has known for years that the more air you feed your engine the better. Increased air flow gives increased performance. The Ferrari Enzo includes a new ram-air intake system, high-flow air filters, FXX style headers, high-flowing cats, a new exhaust system with remote-controlled butterfly valves to adjust sound levels on the fly, and a modified ECU that helps power levels reach 700 hp and 527 lb.-ft. of torque

One of the keys to get more power out of your car is getting air into and out of the engine in the most efficient manner. You will want the maximum amount of air coming into the engine, because the more air in the combustion chambers mixed with the correct amount of fuel will result in the maximum power being developed. In the same fashion once the combustion has taken place you want the maximum amount of residual air/fuel gases out of the combustion chambers so that new air/fuel can come in.

So what can slow down the flow of air in and out of your engine? A variety of different designs and components go into a stock car that was not created with maximum power in mind. Remember that the car manufacturer is making a variety of trade-offs when they design and build a car. On one hand they must keep their costs as low as possible, which means that the parts they install might not be the best brands or designs available. They also must appeal to a wide audience in order to sell the most cars. One way is to keep the car as quiet as possible. Unfortunately many of the things they do for keeping sound down also keep the engine power down.

On the intake side of the engine the following things can slow down the air flow and decrease potential power. Starting with the outside air is the air filter. Paper air filters can block out air flow along with the particles you don’t want in your engine. The next item is the throttle body. This device controls the amount of air being drawn in. If it is the wrong size or has restrictions, the air flow is slowed down. Following are the plenum, runners and intake port. Stock devices are usually not as smooth internally as possible and they can cause further restrictions. So on the intake side, have a very effective air filter, followed by the minimum restrictions in the path of the air flow into the cylinders will help maximize the power potential of your engine.

On the exit or exhaust side of the engine we find the exhaust headers, the catalytic converter, various pipes and mufflers and the exhaust tailpipe. The exhaust headers lead the exhaust gases out of the engine. If not designed correctly they can restrict the exhaust gas flow. This might leave some wasted gas in the engine cylinders at the time new fresh air/fuel is being brought in to the cylinders. There is only some much room, and any space taken by exhaust gas that remains means less incoming air and fuel, and hence less power. Because of environmental laws there is not much you can do with the catalytic converter, just kind of accept what you have. However, you can get mufflers and pipes that minimize the exhaust gas restrictions and increase the power of your stock engine.

Each one of the devices mentioned above can be replaced with more efficient products, and in many cases stock parts can be reworked to improve efficiencies and raise potential horsepower.

A bonnet or hood scoop provides the engine with cool air

A bonnet or hood scoop is an air vent on the bonnet of an automobile that either allows a flow of air to directly enter the engine compartment, or appears to do so. It may be closed, and thus purely decorative, or serve to enhance performance in several possible ways.

The main purpose of a bonnet or hood scoop is to admit outside air into the engine’s intake ahead of the air cleaner and carburetor or fuel injection manifold. In most modern automobiles, internal combustion engines “breathe” under-bonnet or hood air or air ducted from under the front bumper through plastic and rubber tubing. The high operating temperatures in the engine compartment result in intake air that is 28°C (50°F) or more warmer than the ambient temperature, and consequently less dense. A bonnet scoop or hood scoop provides the engine with cooler, denser outside air, increasing power.

Ram air

At higher highway road speeds, a properly designed bonnet or hood scoop can increase the speed and pressure with which air enters the engine’s intake, creating a resonance supercharging effect.

A functional scoop presents several possible problems in addition to its benefits:

* The scoop opening increases audible engine noise. This is of concern in areas where local law regulates the maximum permissible noise levels of vehicles.

* An open scoop may admit debris or water directly into the engine, which is a hazard. If the air cleaner element is in place, it will generally prevent debris from entering the engine, although such detritus can quickly clog the air filter. Many scoops for vehicles intended for street use have drainage channels to prevent water from entering the engine, although the channels may be overwhelmed in heavy rain.

* The cooling effect of the scoop’s intake air may complicate engine warm-up and pollution control. During the early days of automotive emissions controls, it was customary for stock air-intake systems to have flaps that would only allow the engine to breathe cool, outside air at or near full throttle.

Because of these limitations, some scoops are designed so that they can be closed by the driver (using a cabin-mounted lever) or so that they remain shut until opened by engine vacuum.

Is cold air intake better than regular air intake?

If you are looking for max horsepower the answer is yes. Cold air is denser and containes more oxygen which means a better combustion resulting in more power. A cold air intake system streams cool, more dense air into the engine, increasing the performance of your vehicle. Auto manufacturers design most vehicle engines to be as quiet as possible. They produce an air box and intake tube with several curves that drop the density of air that advances into the internal combustion chamber. Manufactured air boxes are installed next to the engine bay, confining the air and making it hot when sucked into the box. The result is a mixture of fuel and hot air combustion that restricts the efficiency of your engine.

Throttle body spacer

A throttle body spacer is a small ring that fits between the intake tube and the throttle body. The purpose is to mix the air better with the fuel, creating better mileage and better performance. The throttle body spacer causes the incoming air charge to tumble for better atomization of the mixture downstream in the combustion chamber. A throttle body spacer will yield a much greater fuel burn efficiency, which in turn will improve performance and improve fuel economy!