The main components of automobile exhaust are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O). Because of the rising concern over global warming due to greenhouse gases many countries are now adopting emission standards as a means to reduce CO2 emissions. Emission standards are requirements that set specific limits to the amount of pollutants that can be released into the environment. Many emissions standards focus on regulating pollutants released by automobiles (motor cars) and other powered vehicles but they can also regulate emissions from industry, power plants, small equipment such as lawn mowers and diesel generators.

In the United States, emissions standards are managed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The state of California has special dispensation to promulgate more stringent vehicle emissions standards, and other states may choose to follow either the national or California standards.

California’s emissions standards are set by the California Air Resources Board, known locally by its acronym “CARB”. Given that California’s automotive market is one of the largest in the world, CARB wields enormous influence over the emissions requirements that major automakers must meet if they wish to sell into that market. In addition, several other U.S. states also choose to follow the CARB standards, so their rulemaking has broader implications within the U.S.

The European Union has its own set of emissions standards that all new vehicles must meet.

Canada also has its own set of emission standards. Ontario’s Drive Clean is an automobile emissions control program in Ontario, Canada. Originally, vehicles under 4,500 kg (cars, SUV, light trucks) and over three years old (and up to the 19th year) required an emission test every two years before the vehicle’s owner or lessor can renew its license plate. Starting with 2006, the test exemption was increased to five years, while the rolling exemption at 20 years ended, and all 1987 and older vehicles became exempt.

FuelReducer is developing new technology to help reduce CO2 emissions too. Newly developed FuelReducer Xe is now being tested. It was developed as a solution to help reduce CO2 emissions. A number of emission tests have recently been carried out at various emission testing sites throughout the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). A number of different vehicles were tested twice, once without a FuelReducer Xe and then again after a FuelReducer Xe was installed. The Emission testing machines showed a decrease in CO2 emissions. Further testing will be done in the coming weeks and months. I will be posting the print out for the emission testings so that you can see that the FuelReducer Xe is an effective technology for lowering carbon emissions.

Are only older cars the worse polluters? Not so. Some of the worse polluting vehicles on the road today are: the DODGE SRT-10 (Churning out 488 grams of carbon dioxide every kilometre - 488g/km), BMW M3 (309g/km), RENAULT Clio Renault Sport 200 (195g/km), VOLKSWAGEN Golf R32 4MOTION (255g/km) , FORD Ka, Post 2006 1.6 Duratec Sportka (182g/km), MERCEDES R-Class R63 AMG (387g/km), MERCEDES Viano 3.5 (284g/km), CADILLAC CTS-V (350g/km), CADILLAC Escalade 6.2 V8 (383g/km), and the BENTLEY Brooklands Coupé (465g/km) ~ according to the Environmental Transport Association following a study of more than 1,300 models of cars currently on sale in Britain.

The US federal government aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 28 percent by 2020, the White House announced in January 2010. The FuelReducer Xe can help reach that goal this year, 10 years ahead of schedule.

No matter how much the FuelReducer Xe reduces carbon dioxide emissions, any reduction of carbon emissions is better than doing nothing at all. If every car and truck on the road was able to reduce their emissions by 10% after a FuelReducer Xe was installed then the end result is 10% less emissions of carbon dioxide in the air. Instead of just talking about lowering emissions do something about it. FuelReducer has done something about it and has developed the FuelReducer Xe as a viable solution for reducing CO2 emissions.


Every year millions of people from around the World are hit hard in the pocket book with high heating costs. As a direct result of high heating bills millions of people, mostly in the low to middle income bracket, are forced to make a financially detrimental decision every winter. What to sacrifice in order to pay the heating bill.

For decades there has only been 2 real choices for heating your home. Either you heat with oil or electricity. Oil prices have steadily risen since 2001 and so has electricity costs. With oil there is little one can do but with electricity there is a lot that can be done.

Most home owners who heat their home using some sort of baseboard heater are faced with high electrical bills. That is guaranteed because baseboard heaters are one of the most power consuming devices in your home. A baseboard heater for an average size living room normally are rated at a minimal of 1000 watts of electrical power consumption. Some are as much as 2000 watts. Depending on how many rooms your home has your home heating electrical bill can be very high.

The solution to reducing high electrical heating costs is to rethink how we use electricity to heat our homes. To start we need to drastically reduce the power consumption of baseboard heaters. In order to do this we need to either eliminate or replace the power hungry heating element. The heating element of all baseboard heaters uses a lot of electricity just to get it hot enough to generate any heat. Then it needs a lot of electricity to keep the element hot enough to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The sole proprietor owner of FuelReducer has come up with a new electrical heating apparatus that could drastically reduce home heating cost. This new electrical heating apparatus has eliminated the existing power hungry heating element of the mass produced baseboard heaters and substituted it with a more energy efficient heat producing apparatus. The electrical heating apparatus uses less than half the electricity as currently marketed baseboard heaters. The high heat source for this heating apparatus isn’t a totally new technology. It has been around for decades.

This new device isn’t available in stores yet. It is currently being developed and tested by the owner of FuelReducer. More information on this new development and the development of other clean energy technology and solutions by FuelReducer is available on the website

This new electrical heating apparatus is being developed to help reduce our dependency on oil by providing an electrical home heating device that uses a lot less electricity. The unit is being designed to either sit on a floor, table or counter or hung on a wall near an electrical outlet, like a picture. It could also be placed in front of a drafty window so that the unit can warm the cold draft. No need to call an expensive electrical technician as maintenance can be done by the home owner. This innovative electric home heating apparatus can reduce the electrical power consumption and cost by as much as 50%. The unit also has another very important feature that will be revealed after development is complete and the units are ready for marketing.

Testing has begun

Testing of the first prototype began in October 2010. The prototype was made entirely from store bought items. To make this prototype parts were stripped from various electrical appliances, tools and devices in the home of the owner of FuelReducer. The first test prototype used just 300 watts of electrical power. The amount of heat produced from just 300 watts of power was so great that the front of the unit began to overheat so the unit is going to be modified and retested. The fact that the first prototype consumed just 300 watts of power and produced a considerable amount of heat means that the FuelReducer heater consumed less than 1/3 the electrical power of the mass produced baseboard heaters (1000 watts is the average electrical consumption of a baseboard heater for a mid size to large size room). The tested prototype unit got so hot that the internal wire mesh safety grill (placed to prevent household insects or small common household debris from coming into contact with the heat source) turned red hot. After allowing it to cool down, the safety mesh was removed and the unit retested. Using just 300 watts of electricity the unit got hotter than a baseboard heater of a comparable size. The face plate of the FuelReducer 300 watt heater got too hot to touch.

In one test a digital thermometer was placed a few inches above the FuelReducer heater prototype and the temperature was recorded at 22 degrees Celsius (71.6°). The FuelReducer heater prototype was then plugged into an electrical outlet and the temperature shot up 10 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius (89.6 ºF) in less than a minute.

In the winter months if the power goes out most people use gas or diesel powered generators for emergency power. Most generators can’t power existing electrical baseboard heaters. The power consumption is just to great. A 1000 watt baseboard heater or even a 1000 watt portable heater would put a heavy power demand on any power generator. The FuelReducer heater doesn’t. The power demand of the FuelReducer heater would be comparable to 3 - 100 watt incandescent bulbs. It would consume only as much power as a desktop computer system.

Invest in a cleaner future

If you or your company would like to invest in the development and production of this new electrical home heating apparatus or one of the many other clean energy designs you are encouraged to contact FuelReducer directly. Contact FuelReducer by using their Customer Service Form or through voice mail at (301) 637-7745. FuelReducer is a clean energy technology and solutions company. FuelReducer’s goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing fossil fuel consumption.


Every week around 10,000 people die of cancer. Government figures show the death rate for cancer deaths has not changed in the last 10 years. Chemo and radiation only save around 10% of the people treated. So this shows our doctors don’t have much to work with. Even with traditional treatments like Chemo and radiation more people die than are cured. That means as many as 90% of the people who have been diagnosed with having cancer will die. That statistic alone should be enough to warrant an immediate change in how cancer is treated. If there is only a 10% success rate then traditional treatment must be avoided and treatment with a much higher percentage of success must be used.

Many alternative cancer treatments exists today. Alternative treatments that are natural and thus safer than the traditional cancer treatments and more successful than the traditional treatments. One such treatment is available freely and has been used for centuries. That treatment is dandelion. The dandelion’s root has been used in China for certain kinds of cancers for centuries.

For many people, dandelions are simply a yard pest. However, dandelions are very rich in nutrients. The roots and leaves of the plant have been used as medicines for breast maladies, bloating, digestive disorders, aching joints, fevers, and skin disorders. The leaves of the plant are very rich in vitamins, including A, C, D, and B-complex. They also have high levels of minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc potassium, manganese, copper, choline, calcium, boron, and silicon. The most active ingredient in dandelions, eudesmanolide and germacranolide, are found only in dandelions.

The leaves of the plant are very nutrient-rich, and so they make good supplements for women who are pregnant or elderly women. Dandelion can also be used as a gentle diuretic and can decrease serum cholesterol in some people. The root can be an appetite stimulant and it can treat some digestive disorders. Today, many herbal doctors use dandelion to purify the liver and gallbladder of toxins. Research indicates that dandelions can treat pneumonia, bronchitis, and other respiratory disorders. Dandelion can improve general health, and is beneficial to the kidneys, pancreas, spleen, stomach, and other organs. Dandelion is also recommended for the treatment of tinnitus, tonsillitis, osteoporosis, abscesses, anemia, boils, mammary tumors, cirrhosis, water retention, hepatitis, jaundice, rheumatism, and warts. Dandelion may also be effective in eliminating or averting age spots. Some people also use toasted dandelion root as a healthier alternative to coffee.

Dandelion has been successful in treating prostate, colon, breast, liver and best of all lung cancer. In a recent clinical study a controlled group of people with lung cancer were administered dandelion root as a treatment for their lung cancer and all who participated in the study have been cured.

The medical professionals all know that the immune system controls the cancer cells in your body. As long as the immune system is healthy, you don’t usually have a cancer problem. When your immune system gets run down, it loses control of the cancer cells, and they start eating live cells and this is what they call cancer. Powder made from dandelion root has something in it that builds up the blood and the immune system.

When the immune system is built up so far, it gets back control of cancer cells, and they do an about face and start cleaning up the mess they’ve made. This is why you must have a fair appetite because your body must build itself up and be healthy if your immune system is going to be strong. This will not work for people that have lost their appetite or are on CHEMO. Doctors try to blast the cancer out of your body with Chemo or radiation. By doing so, it destroys your immune system and appetite. These are the most important things your body needs to beat cancer. Operations also knock the immune system haywire. This is why so many people that have operations for cancer find that a short time later it has spread somewhere else.

Many of the worst diseases that have plagued the world have been cured quite easily. Women use to dread the goiter more than cancer. A little iodine in the diet cured that. For hundred of years the most dreaded diseases was leprosy and lockjaw. A doctor found he could produce penicillin from moldy bread and could cure them and many more things. How long has moldy bread been around? I’m sure scientists will find many uses for the powder made from the root of the dandelions besides cancer. They have already found it builds up the blood so you heal much faster.

After taking dandelion root (the roots that you collected and prepared yourself) for three or four days, you will start to feel good, but nothing else. That is because your blood is building up. When you blood is happy, you’re happy. In most cases, the dandelion root treatment will rebuild your immune system in from three days to three weeks to the point it takes back control of cancer cells and thus the cancer stops spreading. You will feel a little better each week. You will feel a little less tired as each week goes by. After three weeks most of the cancer causing pain will be gone and when the pain starts to go away you know it’s working. If you have bone cancer in the spine, it will take three months to work. This is not an overnight cure. It took a while to get in this condition and it will take a while for your body to heal. The sooner you start, the quicker you will be over cancer. Young people heal faster than old people, but it will help at any age.

There are no side effects except when your body has had enough and it lets you know by getting heart burn. Then it’s time to back off some - reduce the amount you have been taking. Some people get stomach aches. That is their body trying to tell them that they need less. It also means your cancer is under control and you don’t need as much. You will also find you probably won’t catch a cold while you are taking it full strength.

The biggest enemy for dandelion root treatment is Chemo. The stronger the Chemo, the less chance the dandelion root power has to help you as Chemo tears your immune system and appetite down, two of the most important things you need to cure cancer. There is only a ten percent chance Chemo will cure you. With no chemo, your chances are 75 to 80% but you must take it every day. Don’t let your doctor give you that old threat if you turn him down that goes, “If you want to throw your life away, I can’t stop you”. Just remember that 90% of the people that took their advice and took chemo are in the cemetery. Don’t blame the doctor, he is doing his best with what he has to work with or you could ask for a written guarantee.

Dandelion is food, not a drug. In fact dandelion is one of those rare medicinal plants which is utilized by all its parts like stem, leaves, flowers, and even roots. Dandelion is also a blood purifier. Thus, it is effective for herbal treatment for anemia or blood related diseases. Dandelion is rich in natural calcium count; thus the herbal remedies by dandelion are prescribed for menorrhagia affected women to substantiate the blood loss due to excessive bleeding. If someone is facing the problem of low blood pressure and also suffer from anemia, herbal supplement of dandelion can help him/her immensely. Dandelion works efficiently as a natural energizer as well as it reduces the problem of acidity remarkably. This is one of the reasons herbal supplements of dandelion is often prescribed for those people who are on weight loss program; natural back up of dandelion helps to neutralize acidity in body and supply energy as well. Dandelion also helps in flushing harmful toxins from our body and helps to cleanse the entire health system. So if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, the dandelion is the cure.