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Owner / Inventor of FuelReducer
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The FuelReducer was developed over 3 years ago. The FuelReducer is a fuel saving device that attaches to the metal fuel line of most vehicles with either Fuel Injection, Carburetor or Throttle Body engines. The FuelReducer is for Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV, Tractors and Boats. 10 to 45% reduction in fuel costs. The FuelReducer will work on cars, trucks or boats with either a 5/16” or 3/8” “metal” Fuel lines. Does not fit plastic fuel lines.

The FuelReducer Adds 2 to 8 Miles per Gallon. For a 20 gallon gas tank that means an added 40 to 160 miles per tank. Metric conversion - added 64.3737 km to 257.495 km per tank of gas. 5 mpg average gain. 3 Years of Proven Results.

Installed as directed, the FuelReducer can help reduce the pain and headaches of high gas prices. The FuelReducer reduces your vehicle’s insatiable appetite for fuel by reducing its diet of fuel. A reduction in fuel is healthier for you, your wallet, your vehicle and the environment. Trim the engine’s diet by reducing its intake. Your vehicle will run better with a little less fuel. Burning less fuel can also reduce emissions. You’ll spend less time worrying about prices going up and you’ll go further on the same amount of fuel just by installing the FuelReducer on your vehicle. The FuelReducer has been sold via this website and our distributors since February 2006.

The FuelReducer converts liquid fuel flow from high volume flow to a fine centralized stream. The output fuel pressure is automatically increased for the fuel being streamed out of the FuelReducer. Because the FuelReducer is machined to a preset diameter to allow a specific amount of fuel flow the increased fuel pressure is consistent throughout the driving speed range. The fuel flow reductions that is being achieved in the ones that are currently being sold are like the photo above. The flow is reduced from the fuel line (demonstrated in image above) by 10-25%. Some vehicles might have better than a 25% reduction. (example; going from 16 mpg to 22 mpg = 37.5% reduction in fuel consumption) .

Decreasing fuel flow = increased mpg. Increase mileage from 25 to 30 mpg = 20% increase. Increase mileage from 15 to 20 mpg = 33.5% increase. Increase from 10 to 20mpg = 100% increase.

The FuelReducer does what its name states - reduces fuel consumption which helps save you money.

* Reduces fuel consumption by reducing fuel flow
* Maintains fuel pressure - in most cases actually increases fuel pressure.
* Saves you money
* Can reduces emissions - less fuel being sent to the engine

Benny G. of Sussex, N.B. wrote us with his results - 2006 ford escape v6 4×4 - tested the milage before on the highway, I put it on cruise at 120 km with no AC, and got 24 mpg, after I had it installed I got 29 mpg with it set on cruise at 120 and no AC, and 28 at the same speed but with the AC on.

Try a FuelReducer mpg+ before you sell or trade in. If you are like me and you love those big cars and trucks why not give the FuelReducer a try before you consider selling or trading. I offer you a money back guarantee if the FuelReducer doesn’t reduce your fuel consumption by at least 10%.

After installing a FuelReducer you will notice a difference right away - everyone has. Within a week to 2 weeks you should have enough information to determine if you are saving on fuel. In regards to warranty if you receive a defective FuelReducer you must return it immediately for an exchange. Defective does not include you or your mechanic stripping the thread as a result of improper installation. Defective means damage caused by shipping, missing the threads, missing a compression sleeve, or missing the hole through which fuel flows.

All purchases are backed by a 90 days buy back guarantee. If within 90 days of receiving the FuelReducer you don’t see at least a 10% increase in miles per gallon I’ll buy it back. Contact me within 90 days to make arrangements for a refund.

The FuelReducer mpg+ is a proven viable fuel economy solution for companies with a fleet of vehicles including: Delivery companies, servicing companies, contractors, construction companies, taxis, patrol cars and city public works vehicles. Anyone with a fleet of vehicles can reduce their fuel cost with the FuelReducer. You have nothing to lose with my 90 days buy back guarantee. You could win your stock car races with the FuelReducer. The FuelReducer mpg+ can even be installed on your fishing boats and pleasure boats.