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Paul W Kincaid Technology

Technology designs and solutions by Paul W Kincaid. Technology are either: developed, in development or awaiting investments to develop. Technology that relates to energy and solutions that can benefit mankind.

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  • 3/8 FuelReducer mpg+


    Reduce your fuel costs with a 3/8" FuelReducer mpg+.  FuelReducer mpg+ for vehicles with 3/8" metal fuel line.

  • 5/16 FuelReducer mpg+


    Reduce your fuel costs with a 5/16" FuelReducer mpg+. Fits vehicles with 5/16" metal fuel lines only.

  • All-electric stove


    Heat your home without oil, natural gas or wood and for a fraction of the cost.  Save money on your electrical utility bill and still keep your house warm. You can also cook food with it.

    Awaiting investments to develop
  • Drive-charge electric motor system


    Designed to power electric car and recharge as you drive.  Eliminates need for overnight recharging or recharging stations.

    Awaiting investments to develop
  • Drug free antimicrobial technology


    An antimicrobial apparatus that can easily be constructed to kill 99% of all airborne and surface virus and bacteria simply by passing objects and people through it.

    Awaiting investments to develop
  • Fuel solenoid


    Designed to reduce gasoline and diesel fuel into a higher mileage fuel. Easy to install.

    Awaiting investments to develop
  • FuelReducer Oi


    Heating your home using an oil furnace? Reduce your oil heating costs with the FuelReducer Oi. The FuelReducer Oi is a fuel oil injector for oil furnaces.

  • Quick charging and long lasting electric car capacitor fuel cell


    Technology to allow electric cars to easily out drive any gas combustion vehicle on the road today.

    In development
  • fuel vapor system


    Fuel vapor system exponentially increases your vehicle’s fuel mileage by using only the gas vapor from the top inside of your vehicle’s liquid fuel tank.

    Awaiting investments to develop