for Fuel Injection Carburetor Throttle Body
Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV, Tractors and Boats
10 to 45% reduction in fuel costs
The FuelReducer will work on all cars, trucks or boats with either a 5/16" or 3/8" "metal" Fuel lines. The FuelReducer Adds 2 to 8 Miles per Gallon  For a 20 gallon gas tank that means an added 40 to 160 miles per tank.  Metric conversion - added 64.3737 km to 257.495 km per tank of gas

5 mpg average gain
6 Years of Proven Results

Put your vehicle on a fuel diet

Installed as directed, the FuelReducer can help reduce the pain and headaches of high gas prices.  The FuelReducer reduces your vehicle's insatiable appetite for fuel by reducing its diet of fuel.  A reduction in fuel is healthier for you, your wallet, your vehicle and the environment.  Trim the engine's diet by reducing its intake.  Your vehicle will run better with a little less fuel.  Burning less fuel can also reduce emissions.  You'll spend less time worrying about prices going up and you'll go further on the same amount of fuel just by installing the FuelReducer on your vehicle.    The FuelReducer has been sold via this website and our distributors since February 2006.

Fuel pressure

Fuel pressure plays a major role in the performance of your Electronic Fuel Injection system. Multi-port injection systems require much higher fuel pressure than mechanical systems can supply and the pressure and volume must be consistent throughout the entire rpm range of your engine.  Increasing the fuel pressure also better atomizes the injector's fuel spray and improves its uniformity.

The FuelReducer reduces the amount of fuel being feed to the engine.  The reduction is small.  The FuelReducer does not starve the engine for fuel. The FuelReducer reduces the flow just enough to help achieve an optimal burn. Looking at the picture where the fuel is shown streaming out of the FuelReducer you can see that the FuelReducer is not reducing the fuel flow to a point where the engine will starve.  The spray pattern would be very wide and ejected as a mist for too much leaning to occur.  The FuleReducer does not eject the fuel as a mist or fan spray pattern.  The fuel is ejected as a concentrated stream with a higher fuel pressure gain.  

Air / Fuel Mixture

All engines require that the correct proportion of fuel be mixed with the incoming air for efficient operation. This proportion is in the range of 13 parts air to 1 part fuel for best power, 15 to 1 for best emissions and 17 to 1 for best economy. Most modern engines aim for a ratio of around 14.7 to 1 for the majority of cruising and medium power conditions. This is the chemically correct ratio which results in the lowest average emissions and reasonable power. A rich condition is characterized by an excess of fuel and a lean condition is characterized by an excess of air or lack of fuel.

Too little fuel and the engine runs 'lean' . Too much fuel and it runs 'rich'. Running rich (too much fuel) can result in fouled up spark plugs, flooded engines and stalling, not to mention wasting fuel.

You get complete combustion when you have a fuel/air ratio of 15:1.  You can get more power out of your engine by running a richer mixture of 13:1, but you'll be producing some partly burned fuel leading to smoky exhaust and a gunky engine. You get maximum energy for a given amount of fuel when you have a lean mixture such as 17:1.

Electronic Fuel Injections

(EFI) uses solenoid valves called injectors to meter fuel delivery. Most vehicles today use 1 injector per cylinder. When the solenoid is energized, fuel sprays out into the valve port. Fuel is delivered to the injector by a high pressure electric pump at around 40 psi. Fuel delivery is controlled by the injectors which are cycled by the computer. The computer produces a signal to open the injectors for a certain length of time depending on engine conditions relayed by sensors. The longer that the injector is open, the more fuel is injected. As engine load and rpm are increased, the injector open times are increased to match increasing airflow. This computer output signal is called the injector pulse width. The longer the pulse width, the more fuel is injected.

The FuelReducer converts liquid fuel flow from high volume flow to a fine centralized stream. The output fuel pressure is automatically increased for the fuel being streamed out of the FuelReducer. Because the FuelReducer is machined to a preset diameter to allow a specific amount of fuel flow the increased fuel pressure is consistent throughout the driving speed range.  The fuel flow reductions that is being achieved in the ones that are currently being sold are like the photo above. The flow is reduced from the fuel line (demonstrated in image above) by 10-25%. Some vehicles might have better than a 25% reduction.  (example;  going from 16 mpg to 22 mpg = 37.5% reduction in fuel consumption) . 

Decreasing fuel flow = increased mpg. Increase mileage from 25 to 30 mpg = 20% increase. Increase mileage from 15 to 20 mpg = 33.5% increase. Increase from 10 to 20mpg = 100% increase.

The FuelReducer does what its name states - reduces fuel consumption which helps save you money.

Benny G. of Sussex, N.B. wrote us with his results - 2006 ford escape v6 4x4 - tested the milage before on the highway, I put it on cruise at 120 km with no AC, and got 24 mpg, after I had it installed I got 29 mpg with it set on cruise at 120 and no AC, and 28 at the same speed but with the AC on                                                                                                            
Reduce your oil heating cost this winter with the FuelEjector.  Same as the FuelReducer but modified to screw directly into the oil furnace pump.  Already tested by a oil heating furnace technician who has reported that there was no negative effect on the oil pump.                                                                                                                                                   
Try a FuelReducer Pro before you sell or trade in.  If you are like me and you love those big cars and trucks why not give the FuelReducer a try before you consider selling or trading.  I offer you a money back gurantee if the FuelReducer doesn't reduce your fuel consumption by at least 10%.                                                                                                                                   
Senate passed energy bill, boosting mileage standards to 35 mpg on all vehicles.  The U.S. Senate has passed an energy bill (65 to 27 vote) in June 2007 that includes an increase in automobile fuel economy, that would require automakers to increase fuel economy standards to 35 miles per gallon on all cars and light trucks nationwide by the year 2020. The bill also requires an improvement in fuel economy by 4 percent each year after for the next 10 years.  The FuelReducer improves fuel economy by 10-45%.                                                                      

1993 Chevrolet Lumina APV Test Vehicle
1st Test Vehicle
Typical engine.  Always install the FuelReducer in the engine compartment.
All information posted here is and shall remain the property of FuelReducer.  All images of the FuelReducers posted on this website is an official photographic record of the FuelReducer that has been designed and produced by Paul W Kincaid.  The design of the different FuelReducers posted on this website is the intellectual and technical property of Paul W Kincaid - inventor and sole owner of the FuelReducer.    
Can even be installed on boats.
The FuelReducer is a proven viable fuel economy solution for companies with a fleet of vehicles including: Delivery companies, servicing companies, contractors, construction companies, taxis, patrol cars and city public works vehicles. Anyone with a fleet of vehicles can reduce their fuel cost with the FuelReducer.  A local plumbing company has already installed the FuelReducer on 10 of its service trucks.  You have nothing to lose with my money back guarantee.  You could win your stock car races with the FuelReducer.  Can even be installed on your fishing boats and pleasure boats.  
Customer Feedback

A sample of vehicles the FuelReducer has been installed on.  Some include what the customers are saying about the results they are getting with the FuelReducer installed:

All posted claims are directly from those who have bought and installed a FuelReducer on their vehicles.

Conversion 1 miles = 1.609344 kilometers

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The owner of FuelReducer is working on an all new fuel saving device that anyone can install.  The device is an electronic device that slightly alters the air / fuel mixture ratio to increase your vehicle's fuel mileage.  The air fuel mixture ratio can be modified to increase fuel mileage.  All engines require that the correct proportion of fuel be mixed with the incoming air for efficient operation. This proportion is in the range of 13 parts air to 1 part fuel for best power, 15 to 1 for best emissions and 17 to 1 for best economy. You get maximum energy for a given amount of fuel when you have a lean mixture such as 17:1                                                               The benefits of both the FuelReducer Pro and the FuelReducer hp have been combined to create a new improved product called the FuelReducer mpg+. The FuelReducer mpg+ increases the fuel mileage of most vehicles by 10 to 45% just like the FuelReducer Pro did. It will also improve the performance of most vehicles just like the FuelReducer hp did.                                                                                                                                                        No matter what the cost of fuel is at the pumps, after installing a FuelReducer you always save 10 to 45%.  If the price for fuel is $1.35 a liter you save because you can travel 10 to 45% farther than a vehicle without a FuelReducer.  If the price of fuel is $0.72 per liter you still save more than those vehicles without a FuelReducer because you can still travel 10 to 45% farther.  The reward is you don't consume as much fuel no matter what the price of fuel is at the pumps.  Those who buy and install a FuelReducer on their vehicle(s) are saving 10 to 45% on their fuel bill no matter what fuel costs.  That savings adds up.  Saving 10 to 45% on fuel consumption equals to 10 to 45% more money for other things like food, shelter, clothing, education, entertainment and more.                                                                      All combustion engines run better and cooler when a gas vapor or mist is injected in the engine.  Engines that run on LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) is the proof.                                                                                        Order your FuelReducer Oi for your oil furnace pump today.  Save as much as 25% on your oil heating bill.  For details scroll down to the bottom of this webpage.                                                                                                                                                         
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The benefits of both the FuelReducer Pro and the FuelReducer hp have been combined to create a new improved product called the FuelReducer mpg+. 10 to 45% increase in fuel mileage and improved performance.