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The following information on this page lists customer's questions and our answers.  If you have any questions please read the entire page and if your question is not listed here submit your question using our Customer Service Form.

FuelReducer Guarantee:  All purchases are backed by a 30 days buy back guarantee.  If within 30 days of receiving the FuelReducer you don't see at least a 10% increase in miles per gallon I'll buy it back.  Contact me within 30 days to make arrangements for a refund.  After installing a FuelReducer you will notice a difference right away - everyone has.  Within a week to 2 weeks you should have enough information to determine if you are saving on fuel. 

Return Policy: Always make sure you get a receipt when purchasing the FuelReducer.  Proof of purchase is required for warranty or refunds.  Only authorized returns are accepted. If the FuelReducer has been modified in any way or the installation has not been made by a licensed engine repair mechanic, absolutely no return will be accepted and the warranty voided. 

Sales and Installation Policy: All existing customers are to contact FuelReducer directly for returns or warranty issues.  Distributors and installers of the FuelReducer are independant retailers and installers.  They do not work for FuelReducer.  There are absolutely no distributors or installers who are either agents of, employees of or commissioned sales staff for FuelReducer.  If you have an issue with any sale or any installation only contact customer service directly. 

FuelReducer Warranty: FuelReducer warrants all FuelReducer products for a 90 Day replacement basis only, unless otherwise specified in writing. Date of purchase shown on your sales slip of the ORIGINAL PART is the start of the 90 day warranty.  If you receive a defective FuelReducer you must return it immediately for an exchange.  Defective does not include stripping the thread as a result of improper installation.  Defective means damage caused by shipping, missing the threads, missing a compression sleeve, or missing the hole through which fuel flows.  Any part replaced under this warranty will be covered for the balance of the original warranty period.

Installation Policy:  All installations by a licensed engine mechanic are backed by a 30 day warranty.  The 30 Day warranty covers only an improper installation or replacement of a defective FuelReducer.  The start of the 30 day warranty begins from the actual date of installation.  Installation requires cutting the metal fuel line of the customer's vehicle and the customer agrees to allow the licensed mechanic to cut the metal fuel line to fit the FuelReducer.  At not time will the installer be required to replace the cut fuel line with a new or otherwise used complete fuel line if for whatever reason the customer chooses to remove the FuelReducer.    

Question 1: How do I buy a FuelReducer?

You can puchase the FuelReducer one of several ways:

  1. Direct Purchase - Direct from the Inventor and Owner of the FuelReducer.  The Owner of the FuelReducer is presently in Brampton Ontario looking for distributors for the Toronto, Missississauga and Brampton regions.  Use the Customer Service Form if you wish to buy directly from the inventor and owner of the FuelReducer. 
  2. Distributors - FuelReducer can only be ordered from, bought from or installed at these locations:

          38 Automatic Rd
          Sales/  Installation
          Brampton, Ontario

          Sales/ Installation
          Appointment required
          Memramcook NB

          10 Cunard
          Richibucto, NB
If you have any problems ordering, please let us know using our CUstomer Service Form.

Question 2: Where can I have the FuelReducer Installed?

After you've purchased a FuelReducer the next step is to have it installed.  Your trusted mechanic can install the FuelReducer.  Any garage that does engine repairs can also install the FuelReducer.  Every purchase includes an installation instruction sheet that you can present to your mechanic and he or she can read in order to perform a proper and safe installation of the FuelReducer on your vehicle.  Only a licensed mechanic should install the FuelReducer as they have the trainng and tools to properly and most inportantly, safely install the FuelReducer. 

Question 3: Will the FuelReducer work on my vehicle?

The FuelReducer will work on the majority of vehicles.  I state majority and not all because your vehicle must have metal fuels lines and they must be either 3/8" or 5/16" metal fuel lines.  The FuelReducer is only available for 3/8" or 5/16" metal fuel lines.  Before you order a FuelReducer determine that you have metal fuel lines and they are either 3/8" or 5/16".  The FuelReducer hasn't been installed on plastic fuel lines as the compression fittings will not fit properly and safely on plastic fuel lines.  If your vehicle has metal fuel lines the FuelReducer will work.

Question 4: What size fuel line does my vehicle have?

I don't know what size fuel line your vehicle has.  The only way you can know what size fuel line your vehicle has is by  having your mechanic open the hood of your vehicle and look and see what you have.  Your mechanic, FuelReducer or your auto parts dealer cannot possibly know what size fuel lines you have without actually looking at your engine.  There are no shop or parts manual that list the fuel line sizes of every vehicle.  You will have to take your vehicle to your mechanic and have them look at your engine and measure the fuel intake line

Question 5: Which FuelRedcuer will I need to buy to fit on my vehicle?

First you must determine what fuel line size your vehicle has.  Question 4 also applies here.  Once your mechanic actually opens the hood of your vehicle and looks at your vehicle's engine and determines what size fuel line you have then I can tell you which one you need.  You must inform FuelReducer what your mechanic stated in regards to what fuel line size you have.  If your mechanic tells you that you have a 3/8" fuel line then you will need to order a 3/8 FuelReducer Pro.  If your mechanic tells you that you have a 5/16" fuel line then you will need to order a 5/16 FuelReducer Pro.  If you have neither a 3/8 or 5/16" fuel lines there is no FuelReducer made for your vehicle.

Question 6: Will installing this affect my warranty?

Often a dealership will tell you that installing an after market product will void your warranty. This is false.  Warranty work pays a service department a lower rate than regular work. By promoting the idea that after market products will void warranties, many dealers will avoid the lower paying work and charge the regular rate for service which should be covered under warranty. 

Question 7: Do I have any legal protection concerning my vehicle and after market equipment?

Yes, vehicle owners are protected by federal law. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty - Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act of 1975. Under the Magnuson-Moss Act, after market equipment which improves performance does not void a vehicle manufacturer's original warranty, unless the warranty clearly and conspicuously states that after market equipment voids the warranty. Most states have warranty statutes, as well, which provide further protections for vehicle owners.

Question 8: Won't the FuelReducer burn my fuel pump?

The FuelReducer will not burn out the fuel pump as it doesn't restrict fuel flow through the pump - it "reduces" (doesn't restrict) the fuel flow to the carburetor, fuel injectors or throttle body assembly.  In the majority of modern vehicles the fuel pump is normally found inside the gas tank where the fuel keeps it cool and lubricated.  The fuel pump can be burned only after you run out of fuel in your gas tank and you keep on trying to start your vehicle without any fuel in the tank.  When you let the fuel tank go empty and you keep on trying to start the vehicle the pump is still working but no fuel is entering it to lubricate and keep it cool.  An empty gas tank can burn a fuel pump - not a FuelReducer.  The FuelReducer is not installed in to fuel tank, before the fuel pump, under the vehicle or before the fuel filter - it is to be installed in the engine compartment as close as possible to the fuel intake.

Question 9: Will the FuelReducer cause my engine to run lean?

Some of you have expressed concern about the FuelReducer running the engine too lean causing engine failure.  Lean is a low air to fuel mixture.  A rich fuel mix is a higher fuel to low air mixture.  The FuelReducer does not control the air fuel mixture - the vehicle's on-board computer does that automatically through sensors.  The ECM uses sensors to detect the vehicle's air / fuel mixture.  All engines require that the correct proportion of fuel be mixed with the incoming air for efficient operation. This proportion is in the range of 13 parts air to 1 part fuel for best power, 15 to 1 for best emissions and 17 to 1 for best economy. Most modern engines aim for a ratio of around 14.7 to 1 for the majority of cruising and medium power conditions. This is the chemically correct ratio which results in the lowest average emissions and reasonable power. So to achieve this the ECM is constantly making adjustments automatically to achieve the optimal air / fuel mixture.  If the FuelReducer reduces the fuel flow to the engine the ECM senses a reduction in fuel it and it will automatically adjust the air mass flow to achieve the 14.7 to 1 air to fuel mixture (FuelReducer was developed to achieve the 17 to 1 for best economy).  If you were to install a device for more horsepower (adding more fuel) the ECM will still do the same job - automatically and continuously make adjustments to the air / fuel mixture.  For carburetors engines we use to take in our vehicles for a tune up and the mechanic did the job of the ECM - adjust the air / fuel mixture so that the engine will run smoothly - not too lean or not too rich.   

Question 10: How do I contact FuelReducer?

FuelReducer no longer replies to emails addressed to this website.  Due to the very high volume of SPAM emails FuelReducer no longer uses email to handle visitors or customer inquires.  All emails are filtered automatically by the server.  Emails in which the body contains a link are filtered and automatically deleted.  FuelReducer only uses the Customer Service Form.  FuelReducer no longer calls any phone number submitted for general inquires as all of your questions have been answered on this website and some visitors have submitted phone toll scam numbers.  Every question that has ever been asked about the FuelReducer has been addressed and answered.  Read the entire website - the answer to your questions is most likely already answered.  Our New York phone number is, for some unknown reason, not ringing through.  Voicemail left on that number are not being saved for reasons beyond FuelReducer's control.  Text messaging are being rejected by our phone carrier stating that the text message is too large to send - even when the text message is as simple as "Call Me at phone number".  Most online businesses have taken steps to secure their websites from SPAM email and other malicious attacks or scams by visitors to their websites.  FuelReducer is getting busier now that the price of fuel is rising so we too had to take steps to secure our website and yet still provide a forum by which those who are really interested in purchasing the FuelReducer can contact us.  The Customer Service Form is very effective and the only communication link between FuelReducer and you.      

Question 11: Does the FuelReducer work on diesel engines?

The FuelReducer works on diesel cars and trucks too.  Unlike gasoline engines diesel engines don't have spark plugs and there is no air fuel mixture injected to cause a combustion.  Diesel engines requires more compressed air than diesel fuel.  The compression ratio is in most cases almost double that of gasoline engines.  The diesel is only injected just before top dead center - to ignite the very hot compressed air so that the piston gets forced down.

Question 12: How do I become a distributor of the FuelReducer?

FuelReducer is always looking for new distributors for all of Canada and the US.  We only accept applications to be a distributor from established businesses only.  If you own a garage, auto parts store or custom car care outlet then being a distributor for FuelReducer can be very profitable for you and your business.  If you have a garage with a hoist you can make between $40 and $85 for each installation.  Money you collect for installation is 100% yours.  For retailing the FuelReducer you can make $10 per unit.  The FuelReducer will bring you more business.    

Question 13: Where can I buy a FuelReducer in the United States?      

The FuelReducer is sold to the US via mail order only.  There are no distributors in the US - at least not yet.  We are looking for a major auto parts or after market distributor to carry and retail the FuelReducer in the US.