Methane gas is the most abundant and renewable fuel source in the World

No matter where you live in the World and no matter how rich or poor your country is there is a renewable fuel source that has yet to be utilized to fuel and light your cities and towns.  In every major city around the World this fuel is already flowing under ground.  There are millions of gallons available every day for the rest of our lives, our children's lives and their children and grandchildren's lives.  It is also free fuel.  Every day each and every one of us contributes to this massive renewable fuel supply.  The only problem is that this fuel source is literally wasted.  This fuel supply is human and animal waste.  Collected in containers void of oxygen it immediately starts to produce methane gas - a combustible fuel source for power generation.  Building codes requires by law that every home must have a vent pipe attached to your home's sewage pipe.  It is because of the hazard of methane gas buildup in your home if it is not vented.  So counties that depend on other countries to supply oil for power generation need not rely so much as they can start producing their own renewable fuel just by building methane processing plants within their sewage processing plants.

Cities can easily add biogas digesters to their sewage treatment plants and begin producing their own methane gas for electricity generation.  The design above shows you how simple it is to add biogas generation to any city's waste treatment plant.  The structure is 30' x 30' and sits on a concrete base.  Much larger tanks can be constructed to increase biogas production.  Expansion involves adding more biogas digesters like the one in the design to your facility.  Electricity can be used to power streetcars, street lights, electric car recharging stations throughout the city as well as power air conditioners and city and public office buildings.  Very large cities could very easily be energy sulf sufficient.